Best Root Apps For Android Phone 2017

Looking for best root apps for Android 2017? check out these free apps for rooted Android mobile phones to get started with the root access.

There are things in an Android OS which the common user can just not do at all. Even though the Android OS is near perfect, people want more and more to do with it. There are apps which are made to do things in an Android mobile which are primarily prohibited by the OS. Thankfully, because the Android OS is an open source one, it is still possible to overtly customize it. One process is rooting the phone. Rooting allows us to do so many things in it, like, overclocking CPU, installing custom ROMs, videos recording of screen etc. But the most important thing is getting to install some amazing apps.

There are many apps for Android which can only be installed when the Phone is rooted. These apps enable the user to do many things on the phone, which are usually not allowed. Following are some of the Best Apps for Rooted Android Phones:

Best Root Apps For Android 2017



It is one of the most popular apps among the masses. It can be called as a mix of battery saver and performance booster. With it, you can get everything about the apps running in the background and they can be put into hibernation, thus saving battery. It is available for free.


This app can be considered as the Android equivalent of the Recycle Bin of a Desktop OS, Windows. When you delete your files from the mobile, they go directly in this app, thus, you can recover those files back which were accidentally deleted. This free Dumpster app supports pretty much every file type. Although it can run without root, root access makes it more efficient in performance.


Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup

This app is one of the main apps to install on a rooted phone. It can remove bloatware, freeze apps, backup the apps and app data and just about everything in your phone. This free Titanium Backup also sees to it that there’s no damage to your device due to the installation of a buggy and unstable ROM’s. You can just quickly revert to your previous original ROM.


Creehack in of the best game hacking app available for Android phones, it works on both rooted & non-rooted mobiles. No matter, whether you have root access or not it works fine. If you have root access, then you could take full benefits of this app. It could hack games like Clash of Clans, Subway surfers, and other popular games.


This free app is very much useful in removing the advertisements on your Android device. It is configurable, and it is not available on the Google play store, but on its official website.


Well, if you are stuck with any old version of Android, but want to play the latest games which can’t run on them, then this cool app is for you. It acts like a middle man between the apps and the Graphics driver. It allows users to disable or enable graphics, as for how the game wants.


ROM Toolbox

ROM Toolbox

This is an allrounder app for Root users. The many features include app manager, ROM management, built-in file browser, a font installer, scriptwriter, Terminal emulator etc. on some devices, it can also change themes, boot animations and status bar icons. It is available for free, and the paid version has more functionalities.


This app uses advanced technology to increase the battery life of your mobile by limiting the resources to background apps. It can also be used to monitor activities, which requires the Xposed framework app to function.


This app is used to record the screen of the Android device, whatever is being shown on it, and then saves the recording in a mp4 format. It allows changing the resolution and speed. It is very useful to the tutors to record steps for a tutorial and to bloggers.


This amazing free app by JRummy Apps can replace the basic and default Android boot animations with over 300 custom choices. It can also turn any animated GIFs into a bootup animation.




If you’re into monitoring your Wifi network, then Bcmon is something needs your attention. It is best root apps which enable you to monitor the down, up speed of your ISP within your Android phone. Further, you can block any device connected to the network by disabling the internet service for them. You can do a lot more with Bcmon app.


This cool app which comes for $5.55 lets the users add so many multitouch gesture controls to their device; right from 1 to 4 finger swipes and pinching. Users can also define custom gesture commands.


This app is a very useful yet simple root application to do many tedious tasks easily. You can download ROMs, flash zip files, recoveries; create full backups and much more. The Flashify also adds itself to menus so we can select it as an option when trying to open ZIP files.


This is a brilliant app which controls all the parameters of your device. It can control the screen colors, entropy levels, processor’s frequency, input voltages and much more. It is also used to monitor system resources and increase performance, by changing the many parameters of your device.


As the name suggests, this app is used to uninstall any system apps and bloatware which are undesired by the user, which comes preinstalled with the device. It can also uninstall any other regular apps; move them to SD card etc. It is a great app to free up internal space from unwanted apps really.


This one is a network analyzer app which made with the main purpose of analyzing your Wi-Fi network. It is used to track the data passing through your Wi-Fi network, besides hiding your identity from outsiders who might be monitoring your Wi-Fi activity. This app is to Android what Wireshark is for UNIX and Windows.


This app lets your device support any On-The-Go Flash Drive. This is very useful when the default internal storage is not sufficient. You can use this app to mount ad use any kind of external drives on your Android device, especially the Pendrive. It can also create and edit labels for the mounted external drive.


Root Explorer is one of the best file managers for rooted Android phones, if you had root access then this is the app you need. It can browse local files, server through FTP credentials, also it can explore cloud storages like Google drive, Dropbox and others. Root explorer is one of the best root apps you need for your device, like most of the apps mentioned here, it is not available in the play store.



Wrapping the root apps,

Thus, these above and many other best root apps for Android which help the user to get an absolute 100% control over the Android device. We can do so many good things to our mobiles with the help of these many apps when the Android device is rooted.